The FlipGarden came into being in 2012 as the coming together of three journeys in animation, music and creative work with children. It was created by Gail who has worked for over 20 years in the animation industry , has a life long love of music with a particular interest in improvisation and since 2010 has also been working with children, including those with special needs, to encourage their creativity.germination

The FlipGarden is an exciting project which starts with the basic traditional story structure of beginning , middle, end, some parts of which can be decided in advance to suit the needs of those taking part in the project, who may require more structure, or less, to work within. In even the most structured versions of the project, characters are designed by the children, and an ending decided upon and animated using flipbooks and stop motion animation. The soundtrack is improvised with a rough cut of the animation using  any instruments played by the project participants, and home-made instruments made from recycled house-hold materials, voice, clapping and any other sounds the children can create or discover.

In fact the whole FlipGarden project is an improvisation in animation created in the same way many pieces of improvised music are created, starting with a structure which has some flexibility, a suggestion of theme and material  , a group of creative human beings and after that absolutely anything is possible!



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